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JR have been a movie nerd since he was a kid. Whenever he earn money, it will be used to buy DVD's. It was a dream for him to manage a TV channel, because he loves to entertain bring smile to people faces. Growing up he wasn't the cool kid, he did not have many friends, just kept on dreaming. Fast forward he graduated high school and finished a basic course for I.T. Worked as part time Pizza delivery boy in the weekdays and in the weekends worked as a building attendant. It became clear to him after experiencing different types of job, such as fast food employee in KFC and busboy is that 9 to 5 job is not for him.

​While this was happening, he already made a YouTube channel and made wrestling videos for fun. Then he made a wrestling compilation that answers everyone question whether its real or not, which became his first viral video earning 1 million views! This gave MacamTV channel the first 1k subscribers and earned his first google paycheck! But at this time his still lukewarm and made random wrestling videos. One day he was fascinated by this thing called fan made trailers and decided to make his own in a different channel. What could go wrong, since he was kid he loved movies anyways. Who would have known he made a James Bond fan made trailer that became a huge hit! This was a wake up call to him, time to change his content, he believe God is telling him something. 2019 he finally decided to take YouTube seriously by uploading a video every week making the same content- fan made trailers. At this time MacamTV had 1k subscribers that he was grateful for. He even bought a replica play button to award and motivate himself. Everyday he kept on grinding and dreaming.

​Low and behold, God has blessed his hard work and the channel earned 28k subs after 3 months. The miracle doesn't end there. After a few more viral videos he hit 100k mark and earned his real play button!! His dream doesn't end there. Just like he always tell himself, this is only the beginning. JR wants MacamTV to become a symbol of hope. As cheesy as it sounds, this is a true story, of a guy that valued the simple things he already had, and stayed dreaming, which eventually lead to his dreams coming true. MacamTV's purpose is to create a community of people that have passion to bring dream movies to life, and when it comes true, inspire them that they can also do the same with their personal dreams.   

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