This is the official website of MacamTV's YouTube Channel. I am one-man-band, I am in-charge of researching, directing, editing, promoting and managing a YouTube channel with over 190k subscribers. With a sole purpose, to produce dream trailers that can inspire the world to stay dreaming. My channel is recognized around the world as the number one spot for realistic fan made trailers a.k.a dream trailers. So far it has reached over 60 million people, in all walks of life. I have collaborated with many content creators and been featured to over 15 entertainment news sites. The channel is now an international sensation, fans all over the world, like Brazil, America, India, Philippines, Russia, France and more! Its undeniable that MacamTV has inspired the world with one mission, to stay dreaming. My vision is to create a community that have passion to bring dream movies to life for generation to come.